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Duncan Kennedy
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Duncan Kennedy Intensely creative, and innovative screamo/punk/post hardcore
Whatever you wanna call it it's great
Destroy Hardcore Favorite track: SAD CONTEST.
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Recorded at the Secret Bathroom in Oakland.
Released on Kyeo Speaks.
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released August 1, 2013



all rights reserved


T̶O̶N̶G̶U̶E̶ Oakland, California

NO TONGUE was a band from Oakland, CA.

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Track Name: DWANTA
What a beautiful sound! Such a beautiful sound!
Right! 'Cause there's a thin line you'd never cross
(You) wouldn't believe all the time we've lost
with eyes closed but fingers crossed

Uncharted, unwritten, undone, uncharted, unwritten, undone
Why let the good ol' boys have all the fun?

You rot.

"Ich bin ich und du bist du"

I know what brings me pleasure, my body is the law
My mind it tells me lies, I only know what I can see
We act on what we feel, who's to say what is real
Things in time- they disappear, my body is the law
Track Name: SHOP TALK
Categorize, packaged to sell
To drag you down to a rock & roll hell
How does that shit settle in your stomach?
How is that shit sitting in your gut?
Bottle a daydream, buy quick to stay still
Hold back the hurt with just your fingertips

Spiders in my blankets, spiders in my head
Do the insides disappear? As the outsides
turn to bread to feed the rats of the world.

Water in my blankets, water in my head
Do the insides disappear? As the outsides
turn to bread to feed the rats of the world

So don't dive into me
I'm the deepest well of bullshit you've ever seen
And I doubt you'll get out of this dream
because the bed that I stay in doesn't seem to be clean
so I'll sweat until I'm pure again, we talk until we scream
(She) said so, so I never ever had a doubt
Relearned to listen, drew a line in the sand, brushed away and redrawn

It started with a feeling....

....follow it into the hole

But that was back when we were ten, in my mom's backyard in tents.
Took off my clothes and closed my eyes. No I'd never, lied down like that before. Young peni in the night.

The feeling of staring at something so long until it loses meaning. Strangers and suggestion, it was a strange suggestion. She said
"It's time to improvise within a sea(scene) of constraint"

Hushed brief light, renewed in new light, we could be
first candles in the dark, 'til we're burnt down to the glass